Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

What are they?

I draw my portraits on basswood slices with colored pencils and acrylic paint. I usually use a circle or oval piece of wood to frame your furry friend.

I can draw a variety of animals. I have drawn dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, bunnies and even birds.

How much are they?

Pet portraits are $100 for a single pet. I do not offer or accept any type of discount for my pet portraits as they take a lot of time to make. Shipping in the USA is $8‑10 depending on your area and the portrait will come boxed and send priority mail.

The price includes a portrait of your pet as well as a custom engraving. A custom engraving can include: their name, special dates, a special quote or other suggestions you may have.

The main focus of the portrait is their face/head so the engraving is placed around that.

The portrait can be hung up with a rope, a metal sawtooth hook, or an easel can be made for it: out of acrylic or resin $15 for the stand.
The sawtooth hook is an invisible option to hang the piece up on the wall.

Reference Photo Approval Process

To create the best portrait I can, I need high quality photos of your pet. These need to be approved by me before I can move on to the next step which is payment.

Here are some examples of photos I can use to draw your furry friend.
I prefer a straight on angle where the pet is looking at you/the camera.
For some animals, such as horses, a side profile photo could work.

Please ensure there is natural/good lighting.

Photos that are not acceptable: heavily filtered photos, Snapchat photos, blurry photos, photos of a printed photo. I will not accept or use any of these. I can always refer you to a different artist if I don’t feel comfortable using your photos.

Waitlist Information

I do have a high demand for my pet portraits so I do have a wait list. Message me on IG or email me to inquire. Once your photos are approved, I can add you to my list and when I get to you, I will message you and ask if you are still interested and want to continue with the process. Payment must be processed before I start. If you are unable to pay, or not interested anymore I will move on to the next person. You can be added to the list again, but I just move in consecutive order.

Because of the wait list, I can’t always guarantee I can squeeze you in before a big holiday, for example, Christmas.

Reference photos that are high quality will help me finish a portrait much faster but they can range from 1 week to a month. Keep in mind, I balance many other mediums and not just drawing.

If I have no people on the wait list, I’ll make posts if I’m ready to take on a person right away.

Payment Process

Once a photo has been approved, payment must be received in order for me to start your portrait.
I do not accept deposits for pet portraits anymore. The full amount (portrait + shipping) will be required before I touch the wood with a pencil.

I accept payment on Etsy, Shopify or PayPal. No shop discount codes will be accepted on pet portraits.

Once payment is accepted, I will do a rough draft of the approved photo on the wood and send a photo of it.

Drawing Process

I will do my best to send updates and progress photos. I need high quality photos because it helps me draw better. If you see anything reasonable you want me to change or add, please let me know.

If I have any questions, I will definitely ask.


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