Custom QR Sign Guide

Custom QR Sign Guide

What are they?

These signs are made out of acrylic. They are signs that display your business and QRs to make it easier to accept payments or connect with people via social media.

How big are they?

The rounded edge rectangle signs are 9.6 inches wide and 6.4 inches tall, they have a base that makes them stand up. I offer a variety of other shapes and sizes as well. Some of my signs come with a laser made base but I can also make signs that use a clear acrylic block base to build it up. Please send me some photos for inspiration. Other shapes include: sharp edge rectangle, circle, arch, coffin and square. 

How many QRs do they come with?

Depending on the size, I can do up to 4 QRs including social media accounts and payment accounts. Larger signs can fit more QRs. Social media/booking accounts include: instagram, FB, Pinterest, Etsy, gloss genius, Vagaro, Linktree, TikTok, etc. For payment apps I can do: Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, etc.

How do I get the QRs?

Some QRs must come from you/your account and some I can generate myself, all I need is a link. Keep in mind, that if the person doesn’t have, for example, the instagram app installed, it will not scan and bring up the IG app with your account. If you change your usernames, your QR will be affected! I will instruct you on how to find specific QRs and they must be emailed to me. I am not liable for any changes to your QRs. If you change usernames, business names, etc, you will have to pay to have replacements done for your sign.

What if I don’t have a logo?

If you do not have a logo,I can send you a website to choose a font for your business name or quote for your sign. The thicker fonts = better and easier to use for these signs. Certain decorative fonts HAVE to be engraved versus 3D effect and I will let you know what can be done once the font is chosen. If you do have a logo, send me a high quality file of it so I can inspect it and see if I can use it for your sign.

How much are the signs?

The QR signs are $60 for just the text and up to four QRs. If there is an additional design such as an engraving or 3D aspect then that is $5 extra. Signs are one sided. Larger signs are $80 and up.
I can do double sided signs for an extra fee of $30.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is an additional $8‑10 and it comes with $100 insurance. This is priority mail in the USA and comes in a box secured with bubble wrap.

What are my color options?

For the base color, I offer pastels such as pink, yellow, orange, green, blue and I also carry white and black. This is a standard base color. Special colors are extra!

✨I sometimes have speciality acrylic but they are not always an option. If you want a special color, I can specifically order it but it’ll be 30‑50 dollars extra on top of the $60. ✨

For icon colors I have a variety of eye catching mirror acrylic such as: pink, gold, silver, blue, teal, green, purple, rose gold. My stock varies.

What are the shape options?

For the shape of the sign, my most popular shape is the rounded rectangle. This rounded rectangle sign can fit up to 4 QRs. I can also do arch signs, at most they can contain 3 QRs. I have files for other shapes such as a square, circle, coffin etc. PM me if you would like to see the other shapes I have. 

Design Process

If you have any ideas how you want it to look, please let me know and I will make suggestions. Some designs look better engraved and colored in versus being in 3D. If you have any reference photos, mock ups, etc to show me, that helps the process a lot as well.

Design Process Mock Up

Please send me your font choices, logos, colors and design ideas and I will make a mock up design and show you. Once approved by you, I will accept payment via Venmo or PayPal or Cash App and I will start your sign. I will not start until the payment is paid in full including shipping.
This is a specialty color acrylic. I do not have it in stock. Can be specially ordered for a fee.
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